Monday, December 21, 2009


Do it at your own risk, i am not to held responsible for anything...

MS DOS is the best way to perform the hacking stuffs on our college'pc . but if they have disabled MS dos ????????

no need to worry . You can get access to ms dos my creating a batch file using notepad for openings dos . explanation is given in my earlier post OPEN DOS FROM WHERE IT IS BANNED

but what if they had disabled notepad too........ again no need to worry . simply open any webpage , then right click and select 'view source' NOTE: if you are using opera to open the webpage then it is 'source'........ well when u'll c the soursce it's nothing but the notepad. so noe u got the notepad type ''

and save the file as batch.bat, or anything with the extension .bat . Open this file and it will give you a command prompt. . REMEMBER TO DELETE THIS FILE ONCE YOU'VE FINISHED!!! if the admins see it, they will kill you...

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